Friday, September 16, 2011

Confusion for Words

My recent under the weather condition must have brought me some confusion and amnesia for English words, haha.
My sweet friend "thisisme" ←link  talked about her new vacuum machine in her post the other day. And she mentioned that "hoover" is light and easy to carry. As I didn't know about how they call the machine in her country;  after I checked the word, I commented "Oh, Hoover is a maker's name".   Hold on!!!    However, I wonder if " maker's name" make sense as an English word or not...
         After a while, my confusion arose with these words..... 
               maker,   manufacturer,   brand,
I think I understand the general ideas for these words,  but.........
   auto-maker,   car- maker,   car-manufacturer, ????
I understand Hermes is a "brand" or "brand-name", but actually it's also can be called a "bag maker", I think.  Well, confusing, confusing!!!

When I tried to say "bland foods",  while writing E-mail to my friends explaning what I was having under the bad stomach condition;  Even if how hard I tried, I couldn't remember the word.  I thought "Will it be just a temporary amnesia, or worse!!!"  Haha, not being able to come up with the words which I think I memorized gives me a quite irritating time.  Hope PC will help me get these words straight when finding time.
Well, thank you for reading this trivial post tonight.

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