Saturday, March 31, 2012

Loanword & Japanese-English (etc.) in Japan

In Japanese, wa have Japanese-English and Loanword (etc.); which makes it hard for foreigners to learn English besides basic three characters "hiragana, katakana and kanji". They are written in Katakana as they are originally from foreign language for us. Sometimes it is really hard to get the definition or which category to put. I will make a list to get my head straight.

Loanword (katakana-Eigo: katakana-English) 

*Ones we use in original meaning
table(テーブル・te-buru), bus(バス・basu), milk(ミルク・miruku), door(ドア・doa), tent(テント・tennto)

*Ones we use in different meaning 
       (Should be carefully used to the foreigner)   
       J.> meaning in Japanease
mansion(J.>apartmant,condominium), shortcut(J.>short hair), naive(J.>sensitive), cunning(J.>cheating), claim(J.>complain), bike(J.>motorcycle)

Japanese-English (coinage, derivative can be in this category)
night game (ナイター.nighter) custom-made(オーダーメイド.order-made) mechanical pencile(シャープペンシル. sharp pencil) breakfast special(モーニングサービス,morning-service) autograph(サイン.sign)

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