Tuesday, April 3, 2012

"Satogaeri, Going back to home town" in Japan

The other day, my friend was talking about her daughter gave birth in her home town (means our city) and she needed to give her somewhat constant help every time her daughter comes back with her beloved granddaughter (who is grown up now).  During her talk, she used the word "Satogaeri (里帰り)" many times. This word is now used in a slightly different way from the original meaning here in Japan. 
Originally, Satogaeri (里帰り) means the bride goes back to her home town with the bridegroom, immediately after the wedding to greet her parents. But now, it can just mean "young wife visiting her parents".
Personally, my parent's house is just 10 minutes drive away.  I remember my late mother told me why I didn't visit her if she didn't see me a week, p;)  

pic, from PC
On the other hand, my late mother's home town was 3 hours away from our city, where her 2 younger siblings still live. She only had a couple of chances of going back to home town a year. I remember she spruced up wearing Kimono taking two of us (little kids), using local train with big luggage. Oh, it was half a century ago.
My eyes must have been shining to see how she wears kimono and changed into more beautiful sophisticated lady in front of the special dresser. She treasured the dresser which her Carpenter father made for her when she married (it looked like close to the picture I found from PC).  Well, my post seems to be shifted from the word to the memories with my mother.
Anyway, language keep changing its meaning.

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Plumrose Lane said...

What a lovely piece of family history to share ~ another world away but simply enchanting!