Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Two Convenient Japanese Phrases

We have really useful two phrases in Japanese; 
One 宜しくお願いします。Yoroshiku onegai shimasu ",   the other " 頑張って。 ganbatte",  both of which we always have trouble to translate into English.  I wonder if I can send the concepts of them to you correctly,

*Yoroshiku onegai shimasu………This phrase is kind of a all-rounder in  many situations.  Main concept of this phrase is asking favors to others. Culturally,  politeness and modesty is our virtue. So, these English phrases might be close.
I beg your kindness.  I thank you for your kindness.  I thank you for your hard work in advance.  (To someone 'whoever they are' going to do some job for you; doctor. gardener. painter. carpenter...)  You are asking for good job from them euphemistically, in a generous way in advance.
I beg your kindness for my children.  (to your children's teacher) Send my regards to ~. (sending regards can be also said "yoroshiku" in Japanese)
*Ganbatte………This is the phrase we use to back up people or cheer them up for whatever the situation of hardship they are in. 
Keep your chin up.  Go for it!   Hang in there!  Keep it up!  I know these phrases are used in some different situations, but this phrase can be used for all of them.

I'd appreciate it if you tell me somewhere you think it not correct here. Or, I am really glad if teach me some English phrase that you think it useful if non-English speaker to learn. Thank you very much from bottom of my heart for reading(^^;)

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