Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sennryu poem and Homonym

"Sennryu"  Japanese short, witty poems, which are similar to Haiku. The writing pattern of Sennryu is the same as Haiku, but the contents are rather something comical including satire and self-mockery and we don't have to include kigo (a word or phrase associate with a particular season) in them like Haiku reqires.

There is a TV quiz variety-show, which the answerers have to think about the last phrases. My hubby doesn't like watching it saying that it is really hard to think about the answers. but I love this challenge of brainstream ♪ Audiences send the sennryuu through PC and mostly homonyms are included. I especially find the usage of homonym are really interesting.

So sorry that these are Japanese, do you think you can just enjoy seeing the framed words in different shape, ^^)));  Let me put short explanation for the top one.
   * つゆ ;  soup for the noodle and rainy season
   * あける; open things like bottles etc. and also                                   means rainy season is over
Summer came and we open the new soup for the cool-noodle(soumen)  And it can also means rainy season is over.

I am wondering if you make pun by using homonym in English.
The other day, the news about the Olympics was explaining that there is difference for gymnastic apparatus; so the Japanese gymnasts may have hard time using them.
       器具が危惧される(kigu ga kigu sareru)  "Concern about Apparatus"
       Concern and Apparatus are homonym, "kigu" 

I found this page about sennryu in English;
"If it is man within the world, it is haiku. If it is the world within the man, it is senryu."  - Anita Virgil

    "Great day" I say,
        my neighbor, not to be outdone, says,
            "Best one yet"

Hehe, my conclusion is that you won't be able to smile unless you don't know the language.  Hard for me to get the pun of the English version from the site.

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