Thursday, May 12, 2016

Open House and Territorial Calls of Pheasant;

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What we hoped for hasn’t come true;
I posted here about my parents' empty house, which we are hoping to sell and getting ready for that.  In the middle of April, the General Contractor we asked to find the buyer contacted us and said that there were inquiry by one family under consideration (or, on the tapis ?). Unfortunately, their final decision was 'giving up'.
Now, the company is planing to hold "Open House" at the end of this month for us.
This word is one of the Japanglish ←link (Japanese-English). In Japanese, the phrase mainly means to the houses (either new or old) housing company openly shows the prospective buyer. Yes, we are hoping for the next chance :-) 
Although inside the house is ready, the little garden was filled with overgrown weeds. We did our best to clearing up with the help of one of my husband's friend.
Sad to see wide Japanese style garden with pine trees & big stones changed like this with parking-space.
While we were weeding, this brownish butterfly greeted us ;-)
And the pictures of the white flower taken on our way home;

*Territorial Calls of Pheasant*
It's been several days we've heard funny bird's sing in the morning, made us wonder what it is. This morning, from the bed room second floor I found an answer (^_^) 
It was a pheasant and I checked with pc, couldn't help posting this finding p:-)  
I could take only one blurry picture.  But let me show you where I found him.
Among the weeds and walked off into the tree immediately.
This is from You-tube and exactly the same sing;

This call is Pheasant's 'horo uchi naki' in Japanese.
Horo '母衣' is one of  the tools of the samurai in japan. 
We have a saying 'the Pheasant would not be shot but for his cries' in the meaning of 'safety in silence'.  The loud cry made me re-realized the meaning. picture from this page.
This is my picture of our National bird from  this page :-)
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