Saturday, March 31, 2012

Japanese Name Order

Today, I'll introduce my confusion for the "Japanese Name Order"
My name is Miyako Yamada (first name, last name),  in Japan the order is oppositeYamada Miyako (last name, first name). Normaly we call each other with family name (close friend or nickname base relationship; exception)

I took these pictures from the scool textbooks I am using now and I used before,
 Sato Takao (last name, first name) new book     

 Keiko Tanaka  (first name, last name) old book

Western style order has been taught in the textbook of junior-high school students (for 12years old) for a long time until recently. When you use English, using its style might be natural. However, recent textbook started using Japanese style (last name, first name order). I thought this site →here is interesting having the same opinion with me. I'm afraid this new instruction may cause unnecessary confusion if western people still use the “old” name order for us when introducing each other orally.

Let me add one thing;  
As for the reason of our name order, In Japanese culture a male child will supposed to take over the family and family is imprortant to succeed. It is only my supposition but it might represent our patriarchal system. 

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