Saturday, March 31, 2012

Japanglish (Japanese English)

Today, I would like to introduce you the site;    
"Japanglish"  here
I felt so amazed, thankful, useful with this site☆☆☆

I wonder if this Japanglish is a new jargon (or made-up new word?) which is interesting only for people like me.  Oh, and also made me think "Wait, I almost lost my job I was trying to do here in my blog, (sigh)" haha.  I'll bounce back from the awe I felt, so  please bear me listing some example-phrases. 
I found the supposition "Japanese パンク punk might have come from punctured tire"  in the site really interesting and understandable.  I printed out this page (^^;)

This means "It's depends".   We say, "How people do it is case-by-case."

"I have a complex about my height." means "I have an inferiority complex about my height."  (hehe, I do.)
"tension" has meanings of "excitement" in Japanese.  "I'm in high tension" means "I'm excited"
This one is not between male people in Japanese.  It means "one-on-one".  So, "Let's talk man-to-man" means "Let's have a heart-to-heart talk".
*paper company    
This one means "dummy corporation".
If you say "He is a feminist."  It means he is really kind for women and not used exactly for the activists.

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