Saturday, March 31, 2012

New background and Header

I renewed background and header of my Etymology page by using the design from Sharon at Plumrose Lane. Its theme is "Mother's Treasures". She is really talented and I knew her beautiful creations through my dear friend Mina at Green Witch at Sprinkles at first when I started my blogging. I wished to use her design at that time, but with my poor knowledge I couldn't use it then. So, I regrettably asked professional to put the illustrations I found together as a background then. A bit over one year later, finally my dream has come true♡♡♡
My late mother used to praise me my teaching and learning English. I love the theme. And I am always thankful for the "joy and love" I can get from learning English. And English in the design will keep giving me the motivation as well.
Although I haven't posted much, this page means a lot to me♡♡♡   Thank you so much Ms.Sharon! 


Ann said...

oh,it is beautiful Miyako!! Sharon is a gifted artist..this page is gorgeous!!!

orchid said...

Dearest Ann,
Thank you very much for your comment here. I am happy to have with this renewed page♪
I feel like mom gave me a good motivation.