Saturday, July 12, 2014

Vertical and horizontal writing

The letter paper and the envelope is mine. You might notice from the lines that we have both types of writing "Vertical" and "Horizontal" way. Although I have almost all written down topics for Etymology page, a foreigner's interest I found on TV made me reconsider about these two version of writing direction.

*Japanese Paper and graduation certificate*
The foreigner was talking that he saw a business man reading a paper in the morning crowded train and found that the different direction of the letters gave him fresh image. (upper right is the TV program; lower right is the graduation certificate)

*Elementary School's Japanese Textbook*
This is my next neighbor's forth grade elementary-school boy's Japanese textbook.  I believe it's easier reading Japanese vertically not horizontally as most of the novels are so.  This is my calligraphy pages link.  There aren't many horizontal works compared to vertical ones. Just a personal opinion. 

I was fascinated and didn't take it for granted to find this function in WORD at first :-)  I'm NOT sure if it is beneficial fact for Japanese (language-wise) in designing.  And I wonder if 'by any chance' there are any trouble or not for other languages which have only horizontal way.  

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