Tuesday, April 14, 2015

黄梅(ou-bai), not apricot family;

Yesterday, we went to the city office to deal with anther office procedure. I remember hearing about the Winter Jasmine blooming at the temple I posted here.  We call the tree "黄梅, ou-bai", which literally means "yellow apricot".   
Surprised me and another fact blogging helped me to learn(^_^)v 
had NO idea it is  in  Jasmine family (or a type of, maybe) and not apricot.  

*Japanese Pygmy Woodpecker*
My first lucky encounter with this 'コゲラ; Kogera' on the tree at the temple ♪ Unfortunately, I just could take one picture. I checked its name with pc right after I came home. I found it interesting to know that we call woodpeckers ".....-gera".
You must be spotting me :-)

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