Monday, August 1, 2016

Fern Palm 'sotetu' and Japanese idiom;

*Unique contrast with the pine tree*

The name of this tree or flower is written in Chinese character like this '蘇鉄'; meanings of these words are "revive iron". It derives from the saying "if you find this tree not so lively, put the iron nail on the soil"  Not sure really works or not :-)
The word "nail" reminds me of the Japanese idiom of "kugi wo sasu; 釘をさす" which can be translated into English "put the nail on something". We use this idiom when we need to make extra sure for something to someone.  
Through PC, I found the reason♪  Old Japanese wooden architecture, we used inset method; nails were not used . Using the nails meant to "make sure".  

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