Saturday, March 31, 2012

Please "Forget Me Not"

The name of the flower has the same Chinese-Character in my name♪ 

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My name is "Miyako Yamada" in Western order. And  in Japanese style, it is written in opposite order like "山田family name. 都 first name).  My family name comes first and my given name is "Miyako".  Like I wrote here before. 
The name of "forget me not" is called "都忘れ,miyakowasure".
The origin of the English name of the flower was that they supposed to ensure those wearing it should never be forgotten by the people who love them.
Haha, blogger friends "Please forget me not"
I will try to be the person who has true love in my heart for others.

*I wish to write the Japanese version of origin of the name of the flower
According to the PC-site, it is connected with an old story that Juntoku retired Emperor (13th century) who had been exiled to Sado-Island called a white chrysanthemum blooming in surrounding field "Miyakowasure 都忘れ" (meaning that the flower is quite beautiful so that he could forget aboutthe capital or city he roled) and loved the flower.
Being confused with the English name(forget me not) and the Japanese name (forgeting miyako, city) was the one resaon to check it; 
Quite opposite, I thought.  Now I'm happy to be able to figure out the puzzle, haha.    

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orchid said...

"From Dearest Michiko-san"

Dearest Miyako san, The about flower with Japanese people field Miyakowasure ..I think it is beautiful name the flower. We all time has beautiful speaking with in Japan. I must writing in tomorrow myself. We must Sign in my name ..desho... Not Japanes name whit I can do much.. Michiko