Saturday, March 31, 2012

Guerrilla Rain and Pinpoint Rain

Oh...., we had tyhoon damage in eastern part of Japan!!!  Another natural disaster with many casualties in a same year (sigh).   Also we have been experiencing weird climatic phenomenon. Rainfalls seems to have changed in its style, maybe due to the"global warming".
Strangely enough, torrential downpour for a while and then dark clouds moves quickly bringing sunshine. We had really changeable weather like these several times this late summer, which I've never experienced before. I wonder if the weather in Japan is getting close to the one in tropical area.

guerrilla rain and pinpoint rain in Japanese English
There goes another new Japanese-English"guerrilla rain" and "pinpoint rain". We have Japanese for localized torrential rain, but in these two Japanese-English, there seems to be slight differences.
       "guerrilla rain"  is unforeseeable
       "pinpoint rain"  is a bit foreseeable from the data.

(Here's the example conversation related with this new term in PC-site)

あなた(you):Do you know two people were killed due to a guerrilla rain yesterday?
友達(friend):Guerrilla rain? Oh, does it mean a "localized torrential rain"?
あなた(you):Yes, that's right. We call it "guerrilla rain" in Japanese.
友達(friend):I see, it's because it hits many areas in a short time like a guerrilla attack.

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