Wednesday, October 3, 2012

goma wo suru ゴマを擦る

Friends, you have the right to get upset a bit with my husband;
The other day, I was showing my friends posts to him and was telling him how marvelous your posts were. You know what he said, "Oh, just praising each other and feeling good like Grating Sesami (maybe equivalent for this idiom in English is Apple Polishing or is this used only in America?)".  I got a bit cranky at him p;) 
Your dedication and love for your family, wonderful literal writing, photography and so on. I don't how how much I'm learning from you guys. And what is more, I am really happy and appreciate you all who reach me when I feel down and extend helping hand when in trouble. 

Then I started thinking where this Japanese phrase derived from. When we use earthenware mortar and pestle to grate sesami (hope grate is the right verb here; should be pestle?), sesami stick to the mortar. This is how it came to mean "suck up" or "butter up" to others. Funny that I knew about apple polish (student give teacher polished apple) not sesami version. Another theory is from the way merchant rub their hands before the customer.

I should say that this Japanese idiom has negative connotation. So I got a bit cranky to hubby.  I  purely enjoying and learning through this blog land. Thank you very much for being my friend♡♡♡

PS> I appreciate Dear friend Mariette's comment, that she taught me the right verb. I should have said "pound" or "grind".  Haha, silly me. I always welcome for these corrections for my English♪

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