Monday, December 3, 2012

Another loanword "Cornstarch"

* My husband was given a dough of Udon-noodle
"Haha, I didn't know what cornstarch is!" 
Blushed not having known one of the loanwords;  

Last month, my husband's ex-colleagues had company trip and making Udon-dough was included in the itinerary. As some of them knew he has all tools of making it into noodle, he was given the dough.  He has never made Udon noodle, (which is eaten more popularly than Soba), so he wondered about the flour he has to use while making it (打ち粉). Naturally, Soba flour (蕎麦粉・更級粉)is used for Soba making. He consulted the maker through phone and was told that he could use either rice-flour or cornstarch. I had rice-flour and he successfully made the noodle and we ate it deliciously.  Next day, we had a visit from one of the person gave him dough. He abruptly asked me what the cornstarch is. Wow, I just knew it is used making cakes or bread. But never have come across the written English word or heard as English. My young lady guest knew it is made of corn. SO ashamed not knowing it as a person teaching English(^^;)   I keep telling my students that pay attention the words which have Roman pronunciation. It is one of the easy way to learn English. I might have guessed it if you English speaking friends pronounced it p;)

Surprised that his ex-colleague even gave him a wall-scroll with certificate of trying; haha, he or she may not needing this.

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