Wednesday, July 17, 2013

question about pronoun

Today,  would you let me ask about silly question about pronoun?

It is about the usages of "her, him, it; she, he, it". I think you all may know my English level(^^;) And I couldn't solve this nagging question even through checking with PC and no foreigner to ask.
I know the basic role and how I should teach. I'd really appreciated if you give me an answer how you use them in the daily conversation or in the blog commentIn the situation that you don't know the gender difference, how do you use them?
Whenever I see lovely picture of bird or animal in friends' blog post, I always get confused which one I should use.
  How adorable the heron is!  I love (her, him, it).  
  Look at that BMW.   How cool  (she, he, it) is!

I think her expresses the loveliness feeling you have for the bird well, haha.  Are there any tacit role which one you use for particular animals or objects?  What is more, what about car or airplane, etc...  Or should it be always it

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Eq said...

For a bird or animal, I think people would tend to say "he/him". "Oh, look at him! How cute!" The BMW car would be "it", because it's not alive. (Traditionally, "she/her" was used for ships and for countries of the world, but that's a little old-fashioned.)