Wednesday, January 8, 2014

"Beverage and Drink"

This post is from the home-page post of "Our favorite Mixed Juice and Smoothie"

*Difference between "Beverage and Drink"*  
I whimsically thought about these two words. (wondering which word to use).  My image from 'beverage' was totally alcoholic and 'drink' includes both. Through fiddling pc, I learned that there isn't definite differences. Sort of according to the situation. They are the examples I found.

When you are asked by these words at the restaurant;  
    *What beverage do you have?   
             you need to pay for the drink. 
    *What would you like to drink? 
            whatever the drink you need. (pay or not               to pay like water or green tea)

"Let's go for a drink" among adults means alcohol.             

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